This Program Is No Longer Available & Has Been Replaced!

Build A Profitable Facebook Ads Machine With Consistent Profits

Your Complete Guide To Building, Testing, Stabilising & Profiting with Facebook Ads

This Program Is No Longer Available & Has Been Replaced!

You Need The All NEW 7-Figure Meta Ads Playbook to build a profitable Facebook ads MACHINE with CONSISTENT Profit


As Used By Over 1000 Facebook Marketers Like You

Understand the Facebook Algorithm:

Use the Algorithm to your advantage for lower CPM’s and higher profits


Step by step Ad and Audience testing-process like our agency uses for accounts spending $50/day to $30,000/day

Stability and Consistency:

Using the right framework, create Stability and Consistency in Your Ad Accounts using simple step by step written instructions.

BONUS: Retargeting Strategies

Our tried and test Infinity Retargeting strategies – worth the investment alone!

BONUS: Small Spend Test & Grow

Learn how to use test and optimise for Small Spends (starting at $50/day) and small audiences.

Bonus: Scaling Strategies

For a LIMITED TIME you’ll also get some bonus SCALE strategies to use once you’ve gained stability to enable you to scale and keep profits.

It’s designed for the Facebook marketer spending at least $250 per day up to $25K per day.
It’s part education, part implementation.

It’s actionable right now and a companion for months to come.

It’s using proven strategies for Stability and Consistency – backed by millions in ad spend across multiple verticals across Ecom and Digital Products & Services.

It gives deep advice into how we structure testing, prospecting, develop our campaign funnels, retargeting and of course scaling.

We’ve spent $40 millions + over the last 15 years testing, learning and improving our Ads recipes for prospects from top of funnel (COLD) right through to WARM and red HOT customers, converting at low costs and high profits.

Use it and scale like never before.


“The CBO Cookbook brings so much more clarity on how to build and structure your ad-campaigns.”

– Arthur Avetisov

“The amount of value in this training program is immense and I would really recommend it to anyone.”

– Brian Smith

“After the training program, I understood how to structure my campaigns to be 100% profitable.”

– Fabian Cordoba

“After the training program, ROAS wise, we are at 6X where we were before. Absolutely worth it.”

– Panos Tzitzinos

“This is the most detailed tuturial I have ever seen. Depesh is one of the best guys in the whole industry.”

– Rian Yuhao Cong

“Not a lot of people talk about these things. The training program is phenomenal – the ROI is great!”

– Pankaj Sanghi

Who is Depesh Mandalia?

Depesh is one the world’s most prominent Facebook marketing experts helping business scale-up fast through expert marketing execution in the online world.

He’s invested well over $40 million in profitable global ad spend over the last 5 years in E-Commerce, Lead Gen (digital products and services), Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Apps, Local Business and more. Over the last decade he’s been responsible for driving in excess of $100M in revenue.

He shares his knowledge from stages worldwide driven by his passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to punch above their weight in the online world.

He’s also an advisor and advocate for Facebook, supporting Facebook with speaking at external events and internal team days, providing regular feedback on ways Facebook can improve business growth for small and medium-sized businesses to further his own mission.

His agency, SMC, helps 6-figure and 7-figure businesses scale past $10M, and through his training programs, helps entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels scale up faster, through Facebook ads and other marketing channels with a core focus on his unique BPM System – Brand-driven, Performance Marketing.